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How Thumb Sucking Affects Teeth Alignment

Thumb sucking is natural for children and can be an effective way for them to self-soothe, but many parents worry about the potential negative side effects of this habit. If you’re concerned that your child’s thumb sucking habit may be out of hand or about how thumb sucking affects teeth alignment, continue reading to learn more about when you should be concerned and what you can do to help your child learn other more healthy behaviors. What Causes Thumb Sucking? Did you know that thumb sucking actually starts while babies are still in the womb? Many new parents are surprised…

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The Benefits of Seeing a Kid-Friendly Dentist in Rio Rancho

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, an event that aims to raise awareness about oral health and dental care for kids across the country. Often, when parents select a dentist for their child, they don’t always look for one that is kid-friendly. However, by doing so, you may actually receive benefits that you can’t get from a regular dental office in Rio Rancho. If you are wondering why you should bring your child to a kid-friendly Rio Rancho pediatric dentist, here’s what you need to know. Your Child’s Comfort is a Priority Most children don’t have an innate fear of…

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Ask Your Rio Rancho Dentist: How to Get Your Child Excited About Brushing Their Teeth

Did you know that tooth decay is considered one of the most common chronic diseases that affect kids? It’s true. Children with poor dental health are nearly three times more likely to miss school because of dental pain than their peers who have good oral health. Plus, toothaches can affect their performance, leading them to struggle in school. In most cases, bad oral health and tooth decay are preventable, and prevention starts with strong dental healthcare habits, like brushing their teeth. Unfortunately, many kids don’t automatically take to their oral health routine. That means it’s time to get them excited…

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7 Books to Help Your Child Look Forward to Visiting Your Rio Rancho Dentist

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, making it an excellent time of year to make sure your child is up-to-date on their dental treatments. But many parents struggle when it comes to making their child comfortable with the dentist and we want to help make that easier. A book is an easy and fun way to help a child prepare for their visit with your Rio Rancho dentist, giving them an idea of what to expect and an opportunity to feel excited about the experience. Here are seven of our favorite books for children about visiting the dentist: “Just Going…

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Ask Your Rio Rancho Dentist: Dental Emergencies – What You Need to Know About This Leading Cause of Missed School Days for Children

Did you know toothaches that result in serious dental emergencies are the leading cause of missed school days for kids? In fact, 1 in 7 children aged 6 to 12 suffered from toothache pain within the last 6 months. Some of those toothaches resulted in diagnosing a significant issue that required immediate treatment at an emergency room or emergency dentist. Even if the pain doesn’t signal an emergency, it can cause other issues as well. Here’s what you need to know. The Ramifications of Dental Pain Children miss over 51 million hours of school time every year because of dental…

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Ask Your Rio Rancho Dentist: Children’s Dental Health Month

Tooth decay and bad oral health are almost entirely preventable! That being said, did you know: Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases affecting children today Kids with poor dental health are almost three times more likely to miss school due to dental pain than their fellow students with good oral health School absences that are caused by toothaches are associated with poorer performance in school With these statistics in mind, it is a huge priority in the dental industry to educate and emphasize the importance of proper dental health for our children, starting at an early…

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5 Tips to Get Your Kids Comfortable with Dental Visits

Routine dental appointments are critical to the maintenance of our health, especially for kids. It’s important that parents instill this habit in their children at an early age. A trip to your dentist at Rio Dental & Orthodontics Rio Rancho may seem like a trivial task for adults who know what to expect, but can be intimidating – and even scary – for young kids. According to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, the leading cause of childhood illness results from tooth decay. Approximately 16 million kids in the United States have tooth decay that has been left untreated. Tooth decay…

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Dear Tooth Fairy

Do you recall visits from the Tooth Fairy as a child? Children are often so excited about losing a tooth, because they know a visit from the Tooth Fairy is imminent. Traditionally, the Tooth Fairy takes children's lost teeth from under their pillows as they sleep, replacing it with money. Some children even have special boxes, pillows, or stuffed animals designed to keep the tooth safe while it awaits its collection from our fictional flying friend. Although the Tooth Fairy is relatively new to human traditions, people from all cultures have been celebrating or commemorating the loss of children’s baby…

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February is Children’s Dental Health Month! Here are 5 Ways to Keep Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Children are notorious for their love of sugary treats. Candy, juice, and soda are just a few of the things many kids consume on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these habits are causing major dental health problems. Dentists are seeing an increasing number of very young children – many even younger than age 3 – who need invasive dental surgery due to decay. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, so it’s the perfect time to cover how we can help children get a healthy smile - and keep it that way for life. Cut back on juice, soda, and sports…

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Kids and the Orthodontist: Is it Time?

From the moment that first baby tooth erupts, your child’s teeth require proper care to stay healthy. You already know your child needs to brush and floss daily and see her dentist twice a year for cleanings and exams. But some children’s teeth need extra care - with the help of an orthodontist. So when should your child see an orthodontist - and how do you know if she needs one? Dentists can spot problems early During a routine dental exam, your child’s dentist can look for potential problems like crooked teeth, a misaligned jaw, or problems with your child’s…

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