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3 Ways Braces Benefit You

Getting braces is like a rite of passage for many kids and teens, but is also common for adults. The decision of whether or not to get braces is a big one. Braces provide many benefits. Here are some ways braces benefit you to aid you in making this decision for yourself or your child. 1. It Straightens Crooked Teeth and Ineffective Bite Crooked teeth are one of the more well known ways braces benefit you, but they can also be recommended by a dental professional due to an ineffective bite. Both crooked teeth and an ineffective bite can be…

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Is Gum Disease Reversible

Is Gum Disease Reversible?

Gum disease is a common problem, affecting half of adults in the United States. The older an adult is, the more likely they are to have experienced gum disease, whether the more mild gingivitis, or the more advanced periodontitis. So what can one do? Is Gum disease reversible? Signs of Gum Disease Gum disease isn’t always immediately detectable, and may silently affect your gums and teeth. Caused by plaque not being thoroughly removed from the mouth, it can cause inflammation, bleeding at the gums, tenderness, bad breath, and in more advanced stages, gum recession, loose teeth, visible pus around teeth…

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3 Things You Need to Know About Fluoride

Maintaining strong healthy teeth and preventing cavities is an important part of oral health. Nature has given us a hand in the form of fluoride. In 1909 a Dr. Frederick McKay began researching a peculiar brown stain on children in certain communities around Colorado Springs. After years of research where no answer was determined, a prominent Chemist, H. V. Churchill found that water in those communities contained high amounts of fluoride. This initiated testing for the effects of safe amounts of fluoride in water, connected to the idea that the affected teeth were resistant to decay. In 1945, Grand Rapids,…

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Ask Your Rio Rancho Dentist: Causes & Cures for Bad Breath

Everyone wants to be remembered, but being known for your bad breath isn’t likely what you had in mind. A lot of people are self-conscious when it comes to their breath, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. There are a lot of causes for bad breath, or halitosis, but there is also a range of cures that can take care of the problem. As the weather turns cold in Rio Rancho, don’t let your bad breath ruin a perfectly romantic snowball fight or kiss under the mistletoe! Here are some tips for combating bad breath, so you can…

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Ask Your Rio Rancho Dentist: How to Choose Easter Candy for Better Dental Health

Many of us have fond memories of Easter. Hunting for Easter eggs is often a rite of passage along with enjoying large helpings of Easter candy. But, when it comes to dental health, not all of these seasonal treats are created equal. So before you purchase any Easter candy for your children (or yourself), here are some tips from your local dentist in Rio Rancho for making the healthiest choice possible for their teeth. Sugar-Free Candies Candies that are high in sugar can lead to significant problems when it comes to your oral health. In fact, sugar feeds the harmful…

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