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Dental Cleanings Rio RanchoA professional dental cleaning at least twice a year can improve your oral health according to the Academy of General Dentistry. The dentist or hygienist performing your cleaning will have the opportunity to remove any hardened plaque and tartar that have accumulated on the teeth. Even with careful brushing and flossing it is still difficult to ensure teeth are 100% free of plaque and tartar at home. That is why twice a year it is recommended you visit your dentist for a professional cleaning!

Our staff will carefully clear your mouth of any plaque and tartar deposits, we will polish your teeth to perfection and floss thoroughly. We generally perform cleanings in conjunction with an overall examination to ensure your mouth is looking its best.

Neglecting your at home and professional oral hygiene routine could result in periodontal disease that can require additional care and costs. Keeping up to date with your oral hygiene is your best defense!

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